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Last updated February 22, 2022

We want to assure you of the importance we attach to our customers’ personal data. Our customers are at the heart of our action. We strive to satisfy you. We want to continue to serve you so that you and your friends will be loyal to us. Our commitment to you is also to respect and protect the privacy of the personal information you have provided to us. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you about the data we collect, the purposes and uses we make of it and your new rights under the European Regulation n°2016/679, the so-called General Data Protection Regulation. This privacy policy is set out in our terms and conditions of use. In connection with the processing of your data, other privacy policies may apply, including our online terms and conditions or our privacy policy regarding cookies.

It is imperative that you read this Privacy Policy to understand the legal basis for the data we collect, how we use it, where we store it and to whom we disclose it.

When you provide us with your personal information, you give us your consent to collect, use and disclose it in accordance with the provisions of our Privacy Policy. We will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about our privacy policy and how we implement it. To speak with an account executive, please call us at +33 1 42 80 27 36 or send an email to

KERN BRACELETS will regularly update and modify its Privacy Policy. Each time a change is made, a modification date will appear on this page after the “last updated” indication. We encourage you to check the date of our privacy policy each time you visit our website for updates or changes.

By using our site, you agree to our privacy policy, including any changes or updates. We may add information, features, offers, activities, or events (“opportunities”) that allow for the publication of information about you in a manner consistent with your privacy.


GENERAL. In general, you can visit our website without revealing your identity or collecting any personal data about yourself. At any time, you can choose to provide us with your personal data. You should be aware that we collect and may store any personal data (written or oral) that you provide to us regardless of the medium used (our website, e-mail, telephone, etc.). Personal data means any information that can be used to identify a natural person, including but not limited to first and last name, home, billing or other physical address or e-mail address and any information related to the above. In addition to your contact information, we may collect information about your purchases, billing address, shipping address, gender, occupation, birthday, marital status, interests, telephone number or other contact information, and credit card information. We may combine the information you give us over time and we may combine it with publicly available data collected through data collection devices, and also by using information we receive from our partners, affiliates and other third parties.


We may use the information we collect about you to:
– facilitate your purchases and provide the services you request;
– confirm and retrieve your order;
– to answer your questions and requests;
– compare and analyze your personal information for errors, omissions and accuracy;
– prevent and detect fraud or abuse;
– to improve our website, our services, offers, sales and promotions, and to better understand our customers;
– identify your product and service preferences;
– understand the demographics, preferences, interests and behavior of our customers;
– Finally, to contact you (by e-mail, mail or telephone) and keep you informed of products and services of BRACELETS KERN or its partners that may be of interest to you.

Have this product delivered to a friend and recommend us to a friend. Using the BRACELETS KERN form, you can recommend the BRACELETS KERN website to a friend or send them product information. You must provide your name and e-mail address and your friend’s name and e-mail address so that he/she knows that you have asked BRACELETS KERN to send them an e-mail. The information we collect about you and your friend will be used in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.


Your personal data is kept for the duration of our commercial relationship with you (for example: reading an email sent by BRACELETS KERN, a purchase in a showroom or on the website). In the event that we have no interaction for a period of three years, we will attempt to contact you to verify that you still wish to be considered as our customer and collect your consent again. If not, we will archive your personal data.


In certain circumstances, we may share your personal information with trusted partners.
SERVICE PROVIDERS: We rely on third-party providers to perform service tasks on our behalf, including: shipping, payment processing, data storage and management, website hosting, traffic analysis, fulfillment, editing, sales, broadcasting, email, etc. These service providers only receive personal information if such information is necessary to perform their task(s), and they are not authorized to use it for any purpose other than those assigned to them by BRACELETS KERN.

SPECIAL EVENTS: If you participate in a special event (e.g., a promotion, contest or sweepstakes), KERN BRACELETS may share your personal information with the organizations participating in that event. Unless otherwise specified in connection with a particular event, these third parties will only be able to use your personal information for the purposes of monitoring the transaction. We may allow trusted partners to send you information about products and services that may be of interest to you.

PARTNERS: BRACELETS KERN may share information with carefully selected partners. In such cases, we may share and/or combine data, including your personal information, to enable these persons or entities to contact you about their products and services that may be of interest to you, such as financing services for the purchase of BRACELETS KERN products. Our advertising partners may use the information we give them in combination with the information they have to provide you with more tailored ads.

COMPLIANCE WITH LAW AND FRAUD PROTECTION: We may, with your permission, use and disclose any information, including your personal information: (1) we deem it necessary, in our sole discretion, to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process, or governmental request; (2) to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential dangers to personal physical safety, or other obligations required by law; (3) to other companies and organizations for credit fraud protection and risk reduction; and (4) to enforce any agreement we have with you.

BUSINESS TRANSFER: Your personal information may be disclosed in connection with a transaction such as a merger, sale of corporate assets or acquisition, as well as in the event of insolvency, bankruptcy or receivership, any situation in which your personal information would be transferred as part of the corporate assets of the company.

Anonymous information. We may create an anonymous archive of personal information by excluding data (such as your name) that identifies you. These records may be used for internal purposes, such as analyzing usage patterns, to help us improve our services, and we reserve the right to use and disclose any information compiled in these records at our discretion.

Comments. We analyze your comments, feedback, testimonials, etc. because they help us improve our website, products and services. By providing us with this information, you are assigning us your rights as described in the “Disclosures” section of our Terms and Conditions page.


IP ADDRESS. When you visit our website, BRACELETS KERN accesses your IP address to, among other things, diagnose problems with the server, administer and improve the operation of the site, analyze trends, determine traffic patterns, gather broad demographic information, and track the dates and times of visits to each section of the site. Your IP address may also be used with your personal information to prevent fraud or abuse, to personalize your shopping experience, to improve our website, customer service, products, and promotional operations, and to understand your preferences, choices, and what you are looking for.


BRACELETS KERN may collect data through cookies, web logs, web beacons (also known as web beacons or action tags) and other monitoring technologies in order to learn about your browsing and purchasing habits on our website. Cookies” are small pieces of information stored by your browser on the hard drive of your computer to collect information about your activities on our website. Web beacons are small lines of code on a web page or in an e-mail that facilitate the transfer of information.
We use cookies and web beacons for advertising, to improve and measure usability, to track visits from our affiliates and partners, to measure the performance and effectiveness of our site, to improve and evaluate the effectiveness of our sales programs, to learn about customer usage patterns, to estimate our audience, to provide cross-brand services, and to personally assist you in your shopping experience. The types of information we collect through these collection devices include: total site visitors, page views, unique visitors, time spent on the site and per page, etc. We may allow third parties to use cookies, web beacons or other monitoring technologies to compile information about website usage or interactions with advertisements that appear on our site. You can always refuse cookies if your browser permits; however, if you do so, you will not have access to all the features of our site.


Our website may provide links to third party sites that are beyond our control and do not follow our privacy policy. We encourage you to review the privacy policies posted on this site(s).


KERN BRACELETS is committed to protecting any personally identifiable information you provide to us. We use a combination of physical and electronic safeguards, procedures and organizational measures to protect your personally identifiable information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. When we transfer sensitive personal information (for example, credit card information) over the Internet, we protect it. While we strive to safeguard your personal information once in our possession, no data transmission over the Internet or any other public network can be guaranteed to be 100% secure and, as a result, we cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any information you disclose or communicate to us.


If the personally identifiable information BRACELETS KERN has collected about you changes, or if you wish to access, correct or delete such information, we will be available to allow you to access, correct or delete (within the law) any personal information we have collected about you. To request access to, correct or delete your personal information, please send an e-mail to or contact one of our diamond and jewelry consultants at +33 1 42 80 27 36.


We only want to communicate with you if you want to keep hearing from us. To opt out of receiving email promotions from us: (1) select “unsubscribe” on our subscription status page and enter the requested information or follow the instructions for unsubscribing in any promotional email; or (2) write to BRACELETS KERN: 9, rue Buffault – 75009 PARIS (a “postal request”). To waive telephone promotions, you can tell us when we call you or you can ask us by mail. To waive promotions by mail, please notify us by mail.
By unsubscribing, you do not waive our communications by phone or email regarding orders you have placed with us. This also does not affect our use of your non-personal information.


If you reside in France and would like a copy of our description of the categories of personal information we share with third parties or business partners for their direct marketing purposes and the names and addresses of third parties and partners who have received your information during the year, please submit a written request to the following address BRACELETS KERN 9, rue Buffault – 75009 PARIS. Please allow up to 30 days for us to process your request. You may submit such a request once a year.


– Right to information

You have the right to receive clear, transparent and comprehensible information about our use of your data and about your rights. For this reason, we bring to your attention the information contained in this Privacy Policy.

– Right of access

You have a right of access to your personal data (if we use it) as well as to a number of other pieces of information (of the same nature as those provided in this Privacy Policy). This is so that you are aware that we use your personal data and can check that we do so in compliance with the data protection law.

– Right of rectification

You are entitled to request that your personal data be corrected if it is inaccurate or incomplete. Right to be deleted (“right to be forgotten”)

You may request the deletion or erasure of your personal data if there is no longer any compelling reason for us to continue using it. This right of deletion does not have a general scope; there are exceptions.

– Right to restrict use

You have certain rights to “block” or suspend further use of your personal data. When the use of your data has been restricted, we may continue to store it, but we may no longer use it. We keep a list of individuals who have requested that the use of their personal data be “blocked” to ensure that this restriction is respected in the future.

– Right to object to the processing of data

You have the right to object to the processing for direct marketing purposes as well as to any use we make in our own legitimate interest.

– Right to claim

You have the right to complain about the way we handle or process your personal data to the data protection authorities in your country.

– Right to withdraw consent

If you have given your consent to allow us to process your personal data in a particular way, you may withdraw that consent at any time (although such withdrawal will not have any retrospective effect on what we may have done with your data between the time you gave your consent and the time you withdrew it). This right of withdrawal extends to the use of your personal data for marketing purposes.

You may also, at any time, in accordance with the law, by proving your identity, access the information concerning you, have it rectified, oppose its communication to third parties or its use by us for commercial purposes by simple letter to the following address BRACELETS KERN 9 rue Buffault 75009 Paris. The cost of postage for exercising your right to object to the use of your data for canvassing purposes will be reimbursed on simple request from you. In addition, you have the right to register free of charge on the BLOCTEL anti-demarketing list on the website Any consumer registered on this list will not be able to be canvassed by telephone by a professional except in the case of pre-existing contractual relations.

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Use & Maintenance

Your Kern jewel has been designed with great care according to the requirements and rules of the jewelry industry. Each step of the manufacturing process has been carried out with the utmost care, in order to create an exceptional piece. To keep it looking its best, we recommend that you carefully follow our maintenance tips:

Tips for use

When you are not wearing it, it is preferable to store your jewellery in its original case or pouch, thus avoiding rubbing with other jewellery, shocks and scratches.

When wearing your jewelry, be sure to handle it gently to avoid bumps and falls. It is preferable to remove your jewellery when practising sports.

Avoid contact with salt water, sand, cosmetics, perfumes, detergents and any corrosive product that could alter precious metals and gems.

We recommend that you have the condition of your jewellery checked every year. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with our workshops to have the crimps, clasps and their double security checked. During this visit, our jewellers will know how to revive the brilliance of your pieces and give back to the gems all their vivacity.

Maintenance instructions

To intensify the shine of your jewelry, do not hesitate to rub them with a soft and dry cloth. If you wish to clean them, you can immerse them in soapy water (PH neutral soap) to eliminate impurities due to pollution.

Then rinse them with clean water and dry them carefully with a soft cloth.

This procedure does not apply to bracelets set with emeralds, for which we recommend special attention.

Polishing and rhodium-plating operations, which are effective in restoring the shine to your jewellery, cannot be repeated too frequently.

The first polishing and rhodium plating are offered by Kern. The following, which should preferably be carried out in our workshops, are at the customer’s expense.

Quality of the Gems

The white diamonds used by Kern are of GVS quality

Provenance: Canada, Republic of South Africa and Namibia.

G indicates extra white. The classification ranges from D, for exceptional white +, to Z for highly coloured diamonds.

VS, for Very Small Inclusion, determines the purity of the stone, meaning that the inclusions are hardly visible with a X10 magnifying glass.

SELECTION OF OUR DIAMONDS : Respectful of the Kimberley processKern is committed and responsible and places the utmost importance on the origin of its diamonds. They come from legitimate, authorized sources not involved in the financing of armed conflicts and in compliance with United Nations resolutions.

The Kimberley ProcessThe diamond industry is committed to ensuring that no rough diamonds in circulation on the world market are “conflict diamonds”, as initiated in 2000 by the UN, diamond producing states, the diamond industry and NGOs. Today, it brings together more than 80 countries, representing the vast majority of players in the rough diamond production and trade.

In January 2003, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPSC) came into effect, in order to reinforce the traceability of gems. Under this certification system, all rough diamonds must travel in sealed containers and be accompanied by a numbered certificate of origin issued by the government authorities of the exporting country.

Kern selects AAA quality sapphires

Origin : Ceylon

We speak of an “A” quality gem for a good quality stone, “AA” when the quality is superior, and “AAA” when the stone is truly exceptional. Generally speaking, quality refers to the beauty and intensity of colourto the transparency of the stone (the more transparent the stone, the more quality it can claim to be), and finally to the quality of its cut.

The black diamonds of the House of Kern

Origin: Australia then processed in Israel

In order to obtain a homogeneous color and a beautiful brilliance, the black diamonds used for our Kern creations have been treated in order to embellish them and to obtain an exceptional intensity and hue.

Brown diamonds (chocolate) from the House of Kern

Origin : Australia

Of natural color and not treated, the brown and champagne diamonds present a brightness guaranteeing their vivacity.

The emeralds of the House of Kern

Provenance From the Ural Mountains, India, Brazil, Zambia, Pakistan and Colombia.

Emerald is not a soft stone, but it is naturally embedded with internal frosts that make up the emerald garden. Weakened by its natural structure, it requires more attention than other gems.

It is advised not to expose emeralds to strong heat, sun and thermal shocks. It is best to avoid contact with chemicals, such as cleaning products, cosmetics and perfumes.

The tsavorites of the Kern House

Origin Tanzania and Madagascar

The tsavorites are a variety of garnet that we propose in gradient with different shades of green color on our creations. It gets its green colour from traces of vanadium and chromium.

This stone is rare, (it is estimated that there are still 200 times less on earth than there are emeralds), unknown, and almost devoid of inclusions. There are soft green tsavorites, and others bottle green.

The blue diamonds of the House of Kern

Origin: Australia, South Africa, India

Blue diamonds owe their colour to the presence of Boron in the heart of their structure, thus requiring particular geophysical conditions for their formation. This explains why only three mines in the world produce the bulk of natural blue diamonds.

Ethical gold

Kern jewels, made of 18 carat gold, are available in yellow gold, white gold, pink gold.

Kern sources its gold from a company that has been a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)* since 2020.ember of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)* since 2020, it is a commitment to exemplarity and transparency in its ethical, environmental and social approaches to sourcing gold and platinum.
*RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council)
The RJC is an international non-profit organization with over 300 members working transparently to promote responsible ethical, social and environmental practices that respect human rights throughout the jewellery supply chain, from mining to retail.

Shipping & Returns


Your Kern jewelry is shipped Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. We do not deliver on weekends.

All Kern articles ordered are insured by us until delivery.

We guarantee you the security of the preparation and the routing of your order.

Your jewels are delivered in their Kern box and pouch

Purchase of a custom made bracelet :

Allow 3 to 4 weeks for the creation of your bracelet.

It will be delivered to you in its magnificent jewel case with its certificate of authenticity.

An email will inform you that your bracelet is ready.

A tracking number will be indicated to follow your order on our website under the heading “
my account/
my orders

Free delivery in the European Union:

Your order is prepared within 2 working days following the date of the confirmation email that your custom made bracelet is ready.

Free delivery to countries outside the European Union:

Delivery is made within 3 to 5 working days following the date of the the date of the confirmation email that your custom bracelet is ready.

Any possible customs duties or import taxes that you may have to pay upon receipt of your package.


Return of a custom made bracelet :

Write to us to let us know the reasons for your return by e-mail at

Log in to your account to make your request and you will receive your pre-paid return slip.

For all shipments made in the European UnionIf you are not satisfied with your order, you can return your items within 15 days of receiving your order and in accordance with the return policy of the House of Kern mentioned above in the title ” Under what conditions can items be returned, exchanged or refunded “.

For all shipments outside the European Union, your items can be returned within 15 days of receipt of your order and according to the conditions of return of the House Kern mentioned just before in the title ” Under what conditions can items be returned, exchanged or refunded “.

À Under what conditions can items be returned, exchanged or refundable?

We accept returns on items that require sizing to fit your wrist.

If the bracelet needs to be enlarged, you will be asked to pay an additional fee according to the new size compared to your initial order.

If the bracelet does not match the order

The articles must be returned in their original packaging including the care instructions, the jewel case, its certificate of authenticity and the invoice with the precise reason.

What items are not refundable?

Privilege offers

Items returned worn, incomplete (care instructions, case, certificate of authenticity…), damaged or spoiled.

Size Guide


You can download and print our measuring tape on an A4 sheet.
Follow the instructions below to place the tape measure on your wrist and know your own size and write it down.


Measure your wrist, adjusting the tape measure just above your wrist bone or where you like to wear your bracelet.
Choose the size according to the way you want to wear your bracelet.
Note the measurement by adding :

Half a centimetre (+0.50 cm) for a bracelet worn closer to your skin.
One centimeter (+1 cm) for a bracelet worn more loosely.

For example :

A wrist of 15 cm, choose 15.50 cm or 16 cm depending on how you want to wear your bracelet.



13,50 – 14,00

14 – 14,50

14,50 – 15,00

15 – 15,50

15,50 – 16,00

16 – 16,50

16,50 – 17,00

17 – 17,50

17,50 – 18,00

18 – 18,50

18,50 – 19,00

19 – 19,50